Latest Developments

Treatment/Cure & Latest Developments

As already mentioned, there is no specific treatment or vaccine available for COVID-9 currently. Supportive care is available for extreme cases, and those at higher risk of not recovering are hospitalized. WHO reports that possible vaccines and medicines to treat COVID-9 are undergoing clinical trials presently. In the meantime, the best you can do is take basic protective measures to prevent catching and/or transmitting the disease.

Some specific instances of the aforementioned clinical trials are as follows:

  • ‘Solidarity’ is an international mega-trial being conducted primarily by WHO, but in collaboration with certain partners. It aims to compare four different treatment options for COVID-19 and assess their relative effectiveness.
  • The medical faculty at the University Hospital Southampton is preparing to trial an inhaled drug that could perhaps prevent the worsening of COVID-19 symptoms for those at high-risk.
  • The University of Nebraska Medical Center is beginning a randomized trial that tests the efficacy of remdesivir, a novel antiviral drug, in treating COVID-19.